Here are the results for the Dimple Dell event held on Saturday, May 13. Great turnout! Thanks to Troop 949, the Garrett's, and Janice Gardner for picking up controls. For name corrections below, send e-mail message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Course Name Time


Beginner              Justin & Rich trp 949 0:31:35 youth
Patrick & Vivian 0:34:20 youth
Josh Garrett 0:41:26 youth
Makenan Garrett 0:41:40 youth
Jake & Josh 0:45:44 youth
Ely Young 0:46:48 youth
Jake & Blake 0:46:50 youth
Tyler/Zac/Mike 1:06:00 youth
Emiling Young 1:15:15 youth
Sam Hutchings 0:25:40 grp ad/y
Sam Alldredge 0:31:35 grp ad/y
David Suliafu 0:50:01 grp ad/y
Carman Family 0:53:45 grp ad/y
James & Merian 0:33:50 adl grp
Orange Diane Garrett 1:14:50  
Sam Helsloot 1:35:15  
Miriam Young 2:15:02  
Cower Young 2:30:00  
Dan & Katie Greenfield 2:33:00  
Green Breden Garrett 1:42:00  
Red      Ian Hoag 1:27:01  
Darin Garrett 1:29:24  
Fletcher Hamel 1:36:40  
Eric Concannon 2:06:15  
Scoot Truope 3:16:00  
Sterling Broadhead 3:21:00  



Dimple Dell May Saturday 13, 2017

Meet Director: Bob Huebner

Directions to the Dimple Dell location.

Event date: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Starts from 10 AM to noon. Courses close at 1:30. Control pick up will begin.

Course Details:


Length (KM)

Climb (M)

Num Controls

Water Stops






















Red/green/orange maps will be printed at 1:7500. (1 CM equals 75M.)  Yellow maps at 1:5000.  (1CM equals 50 meters.) Most compasses have CM scales or divisions.

Trail Courtesy

  • When horses are approaching- stop, get off the trail and let them pass. There is nothing to “Win”- seconds will not matter. Mountain bikers are supposed to yield to walkers and runners - some do, some don’t.


  • Mostly open with significant Gambel oak and sage brush. Gambel oak is mostly mapped DARK GREEN.
  • There are sections of many small bushes that are mapped with green dots. These areas are easily traversed but with restricted visibility.
  • Denser sage and rabbit bush areas are mapped with green vertical lines. Passable but slow.

Trails, Gullies, Misc

  • Some trails have turned into gullies. These are mostly mapped as gullies. They are passable and are good route choices.
  • There are many trails in the park. Because of the sandy soil- old trails stay visible for years. Generally the older trails that are still sandy are mapped. The old trails with grass growing are probably not. Horses are constantly making new trails - many I have found - NOT all. All but the major trails (mulched) are fairly sandy. If the weather has been dry expect slow going.
  • Many small fences are old horse tie up stations.
  • Manmade features X. Many of these are decades old picnic tables.
  • The red out of bounds on the western portion of the map is “regrowth” areas from the gas pipe installation. This is not good route choices. The area has nylon mesh on the ground, originally to hold the soil in place. Major tripping hazard!!!
  • Route choice is almost always better using trails. The oak is extremely hard to fight thru. I tried to leave open access to all controls. Plan your routes accordingly. I suggest all runners/walkers wear long pants.

Water stops are provided on the course. A donation of $10 is requested to cover maps and other expenses. Hope to see plenty of you there!