Event Date: May 16, 2015

The starting times are scheduled between 10:00 AM and noon meaning that you can come anytime during then and start. Check back here before the event or on Facebook to see if there've been changes to the event.

Click here for location of Pine Canyon, Tooele.

Saturday, May 9 note from Ian

I spent two and a half hours scouting the Pine Canyon venue this morning in the pouring rain. It will be interesting to see how much the vegetation changes over the next week.

A few things to note: a lot of the ground has been scarified. This makes the ground soft and uneven. If it's rainy again next weekend you should consider wearing boots for the mud and to protect your ankles if you're prone to sprained ankles.

Also, you'll want to wear long pants, especially if you're running the advanced course. Although the terrain looks like open range, there are thigh high weeds that can whip the legs and scratch your skin if you run through them.

Event results:

Event Date: May 16, 2015    
Course Name  Time  Punching 
 Beginner  David Suliafu  1:16:05 OK 
 Intermediate   Tom  57:30:00 DNF
 Fred Shaffer  2:56:05 OK
 Advanced    Fletcher Hamel  1:51:30 OK
 Ryan Johnstone  2:02:10 OK
 Darren Stanger  3:02:05 OK

Facts: Pine Canyon, Tooele
Meet Directors: Ian Hoag
Weather: Overcast, occasional drizzle and short showers, temperatures in the 40's."