The Brighton Ski Resort was on Saturday, August 8 for Orienteering. Start times were between 10:00 AM to Noon. There was be a beginner training session at 10:30 AM. We had a brand new updated map thanks to Bob Huebner!

There were four courses:


Choose this novice course if you are just beginning to orienteer and have had little or no experience.


Choose this intermediate course if you are moderately experienced with orienteering, you have mastered the white course and done a few yellow courses and been very comfortable with them.


Choose this competitive level course if you are an experienced orienteer and have done several orange courses with confidence.


Longer course for the advanced orienteer.

Meet directors: Janice Gardner and Bob Huebner. 

Here are the results. Punching is not reported:

Course Name Time
White Logan and Jacob 0:59:45
Adam and Ben  0:56:19
Ethan and Quinn 1:55:05
Charlie and Rye 1:52:34
Micah, Sam, and Colton 1:52:35
Ethan and Evan  1:19:13
Orange Tom Roy 2:12:20
Green Darren Stanger 3:08:00
Red Fletcher Hamel  2:32:01
This stunning flyer was distributed and posted around Salt Lake and Utah county locations:
Brighton flyer