The event date was Saturday, April 16.

Start times were between 10:00 AM and noon. All courses closed at 2:00 PM.

Beginner Instruction provided.

For Beginners, Family & Scouts - A fun way to learn to read maps.

For Runner/Athlete- adds a challenge to trail run. Great training for adventure racers to improve compass and maps skills.

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced (runners) courses will be available. Distance and climb are:

  • Beginner 1900m/ 40m climb
  • Intermediate 3490m/ 85 m
  • Short Advanced 4490m/ 165 m
  • Long Advanced 6100m / 190 m

The maps are new. Field checked in 2016 per USOF/IOF standards. Scale 1:10000 with 5 meter contours.

Directions to the Dimple Dell location.

Meet director: Bob Huebner. 

Here are the results:

Course Name Time
Beginner Johnstone Family 0:42:37
Buffalo Patrol 0:54:40
Jessee Family 0:59:32
Connor Hoag 1:12:15
Ryan Howard 1:36:15
Intermediate Ryna & Skye Johnstone 1:02:33
Don Grunfield 1:13:15
David Suliafu 1:54:01
Short Advanced Darren Stanger 2:06:01
Long Advanced Fletcher Hamel 1:31:46
Eric Concannon 1:39:50
Darin Garrett 1:54:40
Doug Bergman 1:55:21
Abi Holt / D Wilty 2:14:09

Other comments: One flag was stolen on long advanced course. So, results are off because of time people may have taken looking for what wasn't there.