Pre-Event news/announcement (results are below)

There will be fun and challenging courses at the beautiful Pine Canyon venue near Tooele for the next meet on Saturday, June 4. Start times are anytime between 10:00 AM and Noon. We'll start taking down controls around 1:30 PM.

There will be three courses: 4km beginner, 6km intermediate, and 8km advanced. Despite the forecasted heat you will want long pants. Also bring some cold water.
For instruction, come anytime and we'll get you started.

Directions to the Pine Canyon location.

Meet directors: Ian

Event Results and Summary

We had a fun and HOT day at the Pine Canyon meet today. Congrats to the Garret family for achieving the fastest times on the intermediate and advanced courses. They also helped collect about half the controls. Thanks also to Michelle Jamison for collecting some of the controls.

We stepped up the difficulty a bit at this meet, and combined with the hot weather, today's meet proved to be particularly challenging, even for me as I set the course. There was a lot of learning today. It was great to see everyone who showed up today. Hope to see you at many more meets.

Course Name Time Punching
Beginner, 4K None    
Intermediate, 6K
Diane Garret 1:44:50 good
Peter & Jasper Bradford 2:12:35 good
David Suliafu 2:39:08 missed 7, 8, 9
Michelle Jamison 3:48:45 missed 4, 6, 7, 8
Advanced, 8K
Darin Garrett 1:58:18 good
Abi Holt & Dave Witty DNF  
Darren Stanger 2:02:24 missed 10, 13