Pre Event Info

The Brighton event will be on Saturday, July 16, 2016. This year's event is earlier than last year. Plant growth in the open areas won't be as thick as last year, which should make areas easier to run. The wild flowers are starting to blossom.

Directions to the Brighton location.

Brighton courses have been finalized. Minor updates since last year were made. This included some ski resort changes and additional field checking. Most of the additions were boulders. Technical section on the east side was used as much as possible. These should be fun courses to run. The major stream from Lake Mary is not running as high as last year’s meet. Last year the dam was being drained for repairs. You may still get a little wet. Courses are shorter because of the high altitude. 




Beginner (white)



Intermediate (orange)



Advanced Short (green)



Advanced Long (red)



Starting times are 10:00 AM - Noon. Control pick up will begin around 1:30 PM. So come early.

We are looking for some volunteers to help at the Brighton O-meet: 1) checking people in, and 2) gathering controls after the meet. If you can help, please post on Facebook, or send us a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is a great opportunity to learn a little more about hosting a meet and to get some face time the most experienced orienteer in our club! 

Meet Director: Bob Huebner


Post Event Results

Good day of orienteering at Brighton. Many thanks to Janice Gardner and Paul Child for their help. The courses may have been too long based on the winnings times. We also had five Belgium orienteers attend the meet. They were travelling thru many of the national parks with Bryce and Zion next stops.

Course Name Time Punching
White Sam Karlinsey group 0:33:00 Okay
Mike & Chris 0:36:38 Okay
Jen & Eric Lynsky 0:42:00 Okay
Brett Kleeberger 1:03:06 Okay
Eli Juniper/ Ev Lovett 1:03:33 Okay
Ryan Harper 1:04:15 Okay
Samuel Holiday group 1:04:27 Okay
Chris/Andrew/Nick 1:06:50 Okay
Normann Family 1:22:48 Okay
Taylor & Erica 2:05:30 Okay
Randy Long msp  
Orange Colin Maughan 1:04:33 Okay
Lisa Elsen 1:07:53 Okay
Diane Garrett 1:08:46 Okay
Lene Elsen 1:16:22 Okay
Rube Elsen 1:25:48 Okay
Lia Lewaers 1:26:48 Okay
Darren Stanger 1:32:38 Okay
Jen & Eric Lynsky 1:51:40 Okay
Peter Bradford 2:03:57 Okay
Wendie Edwards 2:25:48 Okay
Jason Naess msp  
Green Polina Smith 2:11:10 Okay
Pat Mosbacker 2:22:57 Okay
Georgi & Abi 2:38:26 Okay
Red Janice Gardner 1:48:37 Okay
Darin Garrett 1:52:07 Okay