Here are the results!

Course Name Time Punching



33 runners       

West High ROTC #2 0:15:58 7
West High ROTC #1 0:18:15 7
West High ROTC #3 0:26:40 7
Skye & Gage Johnstone 0:33:31 7
Mosbacker Family 0:40:15 7
Maya Asparouhora 0:50:45 7
Maxwell 0:53:30 7
Greenfields *and Dogs 1:05:15 7



9 runners  

Josh Green 0:35:22 10
West High ROTC 0:35:43 10
Stephen & Sean Kyzer 0:41:48 10



6 runners   

Ian Hoag 0:24:08 12
Alex Hopp 0:26:12 12
Jodie Levitt *and Dog 0:43:48 12
Team DOUDOU 0:45:40 12
Allyson Fong 0:49:24 12

Facts: Sugar House Park - All participants cleared their prospective courses!
Courses: Beg, Int, Adv
Meet Directors: Fletcher Hamel
Mapping: Fletcher Hamel
Weather: Gorgeous Bluebird Day - Sunny and 70s


The next Orienteering Utah event will be at Sugar House Park on Saturday, September 10. Come anytime between 10:00 AM - Noon to start. We plan to have Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced(ish) courses. A donation of $10.00 is suggested to help cover map printing, control kites, and other equipment. Sugar House Park is one of the more popular venues and is great for those new to orienteering. It often is challenging to those with more experience and is fast paced. Afterwards, stick around for a club picnic in celebration of National Orienteering Week. Although not officially a potluck lunch, please bring food to share.

Directions to the Sugar House Park location.

Meet Director: Fletcher Hamel