Event Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017. Start times between 10:00 AM to noon. Suggested donation is $10.00.

Results are posted at the bottom of this page.

Meet director: Darren Stanger

Thanks to Bob Huebner who made a new map and expanded the area to the south. There will be lots of new places for controls.

There are four courses to choose from. There might be minor changes before the event date.

Course Num Controls Length
Yellow (beginner) 9 2.3 km
Orange (intermediate) 7 3.5 km
Green (advanced) 9 4.3 km
Red (advanced long) 14 6.5 km


Directions to the Jordan River location.

Contact me with questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The area is pretty level without much elevation. For some, an issue at the area is foxtails that burrow into socks and shoes. If you are bringing your dog, take preventative measures. For yourself, buy or build gaitors, bring duct tape to cover exposed mesh areas of your socks/shoes, or wear older socks/shoes. If using duct tape, be sure to not tape over bare skin.

Jordan River area



Course Name (Group) Time
Yellow Troop 139 Tortise 0:31:00
Yellow Forward Brubaker 0:36:00
Yellow Backward Brubaker 0:38:00
Yellow Little Brubaker 0:50:00
Yellow Troop 139 Hare 0:52:00
Orange Vivian Saumure 1:19:00
Orange Gary Short 1:37:00
Orange Ian, Conner (lead), & Ben Hoag 1:40:00
Orange Keith & Karrie Stewart 1:49:00
Green Diane Garrett 1:08:00
Green Jodie Levit 1:46:00
Red Bob Huebner 1:20:00
Red Darin Garrett 1:20:00
Red Sterling Broadhead 2:14:00


Course Attendance
Yellow 21  
Orange 7  
Green 2  
Red 3  
Total 33  


Wow! Total attendance was 33. 

Weather was clear, cool in the shade. Thanks to all who attended and Bob Huebner for setting and retrieving controls.