Granite Park Score O Teams Cat Points
Peter Meyer Reimer Adv 1280
CJ Powers Adv 1200
Ben Hoag Beg 1090
Troop 949 Beg 1020
Sterling Broadhead group Beg 1000
Tom Svobodny Adv 960
Lighning Patrol Beg 920
Callon Boys Beg 790
Zobie Patrol Beg 700
Dan McGraw Adv 650
Kip Carmen group Beg 590
Callon Girls Beg 560
Skidmore Family Beg 550
Dane Svobodny Beg 420


Turkey Score O Rules

Granite Park (Dimple Dell North)

Event Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017

Map cost is suggested donation $10 per family no matter how many maps you need.

  1. Mass start at 10:30 AM. Maps handed out at 10:25 AM.
  2. Controls are worth 1st # on control (ie control 35 is worth 30 pts, 56 is worth 50)
  3. Time limit is 90 minutes
  4. Extra points for special items picked up at the controls. Suggest you bring a bag/day pack.
  5. Overtime penalty is minus 10 points for each minute late up to 5. after 5 minutes late 30pts/minute.
  6. Earn extra time and points: If you bring back a flag you get points for the flag plus extra 3 minutes for 30s, 4 min for 40s, 5 min for 50s. Cannot pick a flag until 85 minutes are gone.
  7. Controls in the 60’s- 60 points for beginners (only 30 points for everyone else)
  8. Groups get 1 punch card but do not have to stay together.
  9. Punch on back of map.

There will be refreshments at the end of the course. Cookies/hot chocolate, cider and tea. Stay an extra few minutes and meet the competitors.

Results will be posted on this page within a few days after the event.

Meet director: Bob Huebner

Start Location: This is a different start position from past events held in the Dimple Dell area.

Granite Park (Dimple Dell North)

2700 E 10000 S, Sandy, UT 84092