Heading North from Salt Lake City, take the exit for Highway 89 North (Lagoon exit - #324) and continue on Highway 89 to I-84 East. As you head up the canyon, take the Mountain Green exit (exit #92), then turn right after you pass the bridge. Head east on Utah 167 for about 2 miles until you see a Sinclair station on your left. Turn left just after the station and you will start to climb the mountain. Go about 5 miles and turn lieft at the sign for Snowbasin (Utah 226). Follow the signs for Snowbasin about 3 more miles. 

As you enter the Snowbasin facility, follow the signs past the Upper parking lot and continue to the Olympic parking lot. At the entrance to the Olympic parking lot, there are signs that indicate the facility is closed for the season. Continue past the signs and drive past four new lodges. Stay to the right and drive down to the lower parking lot. The event will start at the entrance to the old Maples Campground area by the large gate in the northwest corner of the Olympic parking lot. Signs for the Orienteering event will be posted.