Thanks to all who attended. Attendance was high. Big thanks to the Garrett family for creating the courses and hosting the event. 

Course Name Time Punching
White Haughton Family 43 min Y
Jennifer & Eric 58 min Y
Dunford Family 1 hr 29 min Y
Dane Svobodny 1 hr 37 min Y
Linda Taylor DNF  
Orange Luke and Derrek 59 Min Y
Jennifer & Eric 1 hr 10 min *Out of sequence
Gary Short 1 hr 11 min Y
Nathan & Makenna 1 hr 19 min Y
Chelsea Taylor 1 hr 19 min Y
Connor Family 1 hr 35 min Y
Ian & Boys 1 hr 37 min Y
Rossiter Family 1 hr 48 min Y
Ezra 2 hr 24 min Y
Green Darren Stanger 1 hr 43 min Y
Polina Smith 1 hr 46 min Y
Dave & Macey 3 hrs Y
Elias & Keelan 3 hr 32 min Y
Red* Lans Taylor 1 hr 23 min Y
Tom Svobodny 1 hr 23 min Y
Jared Sheetz 1 hr 48 min Y
Alex Hopp 2 hr 19 min Y
Eric Concannon 2 hr 21 min Y
Team Hill 3 hr 31 min Y

*Red course times are deceptive because control #1 was not in the correct place. Runners spent extra time searching for it and we apologize for that.

Course Num Runners
White 14
Orange 22
Green 6
Red 7
Total 49

Pre Event Info


Copy of posting on Facebook from meet directors Darin and Diane Garrett:

Orienteering at Brighton next Saturday the 15th. Diane and I are hosting the meet, so it is a good time to come and give it a try. Orienteering is called the "thinking man's sport" The goal is to get through the couse in the fastest time. This is not compass reading and walking on a bearing. It is Jogging, running, jumping over, hiking or climbing to the next control in the quickest way possible. Many times the shortest path is not the fastest. You get a map and you use your skills to decide how to get through it as quick as you can. It is fun because it is like an easter egg hunt for the controls. Beware, the faster you run, the less you think clearly and you may miss something that will cost you time. It is a great sport for a wide variety of fitness levels. There will be 4 courses from beginner to advanced. (1.7 - 5.8 kilometers). Start times are between 10:00 am and 12:00.


The Brighton event is scheduled for Saturday, July 15, 2017. Starting times are 10:00 AM - Noon. Control pick up will begin around 1:30 PM. So come early.

There will be courses for all abilities - beginner to advanced. Courses normally take 45 to 90 minutes to complete. Instruction is available. 

Directions to the Brighton location.

Meet Director: Darin and Diane Garrett

Cost is $10 per map. 

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